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Introducing the Girl Ventiquattro a watch so distinguishable from the rest of the market it can only be a MAALS. I met Mark and Andy Sealey the creators of MAALS watches last November at the inaugural WatchIt! The one day event to provided a chance for enthusiasts and bloggers like myself to look at watches usually only available though online stores or Kickstarter.

MAALS first watch was on display at the event Jump Over The Moon in brushed and black steel. An unusually take on a watch, part art, part watch. I’ll post the review of this later in the week as they’ve been kind enough to send both versions along as well for review.

Available Options

White - Full lume dial

Rose gold

Sunray Blue

Matte Black


40mm in diameter the 316L matte black DLC stainless steel case, the Girl Ventiquattro hugs the wrist and at 12mm thick it’s light weight also! However, the Watch feels smaller than it is because of these attributes. With exclusive artwork engraved by Okse on the caseback this really is art meets case. Secured by six screws half the exhibition caseback has the stunning artwork at its base and a view to the Miyota 9134 movement. Laser etched domed crown and 20mm lugs finish off the case. 


Inspiration has carried over from the first watch the Jump Over The Moon in the form of a high polished truncated triangle. Light flashes around the dial because of the silver highlights that lead directly down to the 24 hour hand, again encased in the high polished silver. The 24 hour numerical numbers have been replace with another beautiful piece of art form Okse. Additional high polished famed areas includes the power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock and the elongated date window at 3.

On the panda dial version of the Giri Ventiquattro I have to review the only real problem with the watch is the hands as the disappear at times. Andy is already aware of this and is infilling the hands with Lume on the production model. Given that this watch also has full lume dial also legibility will not be a problem in  any lighting conditions.

Several Italian words on the dial, the first is next to the power reserve. Giri – appears on the rev counter on several models of Alfa Romeo and translates to turns / revolutions. Second is Ora by the 24 hour dial and translates to hours. Thirdly Giorno converts to day. Finally VentiQuattro means Twenty-four.

Full conversion of the name could mean two things Twenty-four Revolutions or Turns Twenty-Four. I’ll let you decide which!

Giri Ventiquattro White Dial


Underneath the Giri Ventiquattro dial lies the Miyota Cal 9134 self-winding movement. A workhouse movement that offers some great features;

  • 26 Jewels
  • 28,800 mph, bi-directional winding
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 24 Hour display
  • Hacking
  • Hand winding
  • Date calendar
  • 42 Hour power reserve

This is a very nice movement which collectors will love. Above all else this movement is easily serviced by any watch maker and is a good solid choice for a watch in this price range.


20mm lugs provide plenty of options to change the strap. Included with the watch is a black water resistant Cordura strap with leather underside. I find this to be very in keeping with the watch and very comfortable whilst on the wrist.

Watch Gallery


  • Miyota 9134 self-winding movement
  • 28,800 mph, bi-directional winding
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 24 Hour display
  • Hacking
  • Hand winding
  • Date calendar
  • 42 Hour power reserve
  • MATERIAL : 316L Matte black DLC stainless steel case
  • DIAMETER (mm) : 40
  • THICKNESS (mm) : 12
  • SHAPE : Round
  • CASEBACK: Six screw half exhibition caseback with exclusive artwork engraving by Okse
  • Laser etched domed crown


  • White matte dial / Full lume dial
  • Black matte dial / Super lume numbers and indices
  • Blue sunray dial / Super lume numbers and indices
  • Black matte dial / Super lume numbers and indices
  • Flat Sapphire screen with anti-reflection coating
  • Black water resistant Cordura strap with leather underside.
  • 20mm

  • WARRANTY : 2 Years International
  • Girl Ventiquattro is extremely well balanced and is a great size at 40mm
  • Artwork on the watch is simply stunning making for a unique time piece.
  • Raised silver highlights offer beautiful depth to the timepiece.
  • Super luminova dial
  • Hands disappear on the watch at times, will be changed in the final production model of this version only as this doesn’t affect other versions.
  • Note the need for strap changes need to be made from the back of the watch to avoid visible damage to the lugs PVD coating.

Final Thoughts

If you are after a unique a beautiful timepiece then the Giri Ventiquattro is what you are after. This watch offers something many watches don’t offer a talking point while stood at your local bar. It clear catches the eye and for £350 raising to £375 after the first 50 (RRP £450) you’ll be hard pressed to find a unique power reserved watch this good looking.


For More information head over to MAALS Watches. Alternatively you can sign up here!

Want to purchase this watch as it’s going live on Kickstarter on the 3rd August 20 and will be discounted for the first 50 lucky buyers.

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