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The home of honest watch reviews, the Watch Junky Blog. I started the blog as I was aiming to challenge myself, and my knowledge about all this horology. Now I’ve found that my knowledge was not what I thought it was, even though it wasn’t bad.


A collector of many years and many brands of the watch, I was no slouch in the knowledge department, but it’s only now I spotting more of the common faults and staples of brands. As you begin to closely examine watches for review, you also begin to hone in on even the most insignificant parts of the watches because of other people’s OCD. 


The amount of research becomes all-consuming if you want to be factual and be informative offering some knowledge or history. Blogging takes the hobby to a whole new level of what I want and not necessarily need. Fortunately, I’m regularly distracted by a new arrival of a watch to review and that has curbed the spending. My hopes for the Watch Junk Blog is to offer quality content and the ability to help collectors make an informed choice with their purchases.


Additionally, I would like to do lots of giveaways and introduce people to new and exciting microbrands as they emerge on the scene.

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