The All-New Levante by Viqueria Watches

Levante by Viqueria Watches - Watch Junky

All-New LevanteViqueria WatchesClick here The Levante by Viqueria Watches Made in Italy It is a common belief that anything designed and manufactured in Italy has a special character and a distinct style whatsoever. Well, the latest timepiece coming to us from the Italian North could not have been an exception to this belief! The Levante, a product […]

Neminus Xtreme Diver 300 Review

Neminus Xtreme Diver 300

Neminus Xtreme Diver 300Click Here Previous Next Neminus Xtreme Diver 300 Review Ultimate Beater  The Neminus Xtreme Driver 300 is named appropriately the watch its self could take an extreme beating. Ultimate beater in hand and ready for the review I wanted to see what others thought of the unusual dial. The opinions varied from […]

Multiverse Collection Gaea By KAAL Watches

KAAL Watches Multiverse Collection Gaea

Multiverse Collection GaeaClick Here Previous Next Multiverse Collection Gaea Out of this world Occasionally a watch lands that are completely different for anything else, Kaal Watches Multiverse Collection Gaea is exactly that. There is currently nothing on the watch landscape that is like it. Case The solidly built case is constructed from 361L Stainless steel […]

Giri Ventiquattro Watch By Maals

Giri Ventiquattro White 1

Giri Ventiquattroby MAALSAccedere Previous Next Giri Ventiquattro By MAALS Inspiration Introducing the Girl Ventiquattro a watch so distinguishable from the rest of the market it can only be a MAALS. I met Mark and Andy Sealey the creators of MAALS watches last November at the inaugural WatchIt! The one day event to provided a chance for […]