The Beautiful Atticus Téleios 1940’s Inspired Watch

Atticus Téleios Automatic

Atticus Téleios AutomaticClick Here Previous Next The Beautiful Atticus Téleios 1940’s Inspired Watch Inspiration Inspiration for the Atticus Téleios comes from a variety of eras. The main inspiration comes from the Art Deco movement of 1940/’50s which shines through the dial beautifully. Encapsulated in a case that has taken its queues from early Rolex of […]

Jumping Over The Moon By MAALS

Jumping Over The Moon By MAALS

Jumping Over The Moon By MAALSClick Here Previous Next Jumping Over The Moon By MAALS Insparation As many of you are aware MAALS watches recently sent me their latest watch release the Giri Ventiquattro watch to review, that’s now for preorder on their website. However my first introduction to the MAALS brothers was at Watchit […]

Neminus Xtreme Diver 300 Review

Neminus Xtreme Diver 300

Neminus Xtreme Diver 300Click Here Previous Next Neminus Xtreme Diver 300 Review Ultimate Beater  The Neminus Xtreme Driver 300 is named appropriately the watch its self could take an extreme beating. Ultimate beater in hand and ready for the review I wanted to see what others thought of the unusual dial. The opinions varied from […]

Multiverse Collection Gaea By KAAL Watches

KAAL Watches Multiverse Collection Gaea

Multiverse Collection GaeaClick Here Previous Next Multiverse Collection Gaea Out of this world Occasionally a watch lands that are completely different for anything else, Kaal Watches Multiverse Collection Gaea is exactly that. There is currently nothing on the watch landscape that is like it. Case The solidly built case is constructed from 361L Stainless steel […]

The Extraordinary Nemo Diver By EMG & HKED Watches

The Extraordinary Nemo Diver By EMG & HKED Watches Nemo Diver BlackBy EMG & HKED WatchesClick here Previous Next A Quality Microbrand Sometimes you stumble across a watch brand like EMG watches that has a great reputation for build quality, delivering beautiful timepieces time and time again. I’d spoken to Derek Love and requested a […]

The Herald Automatic i00403 by Ingersoll

The Herald Automatic I00403 2

The Herald AutomaticRef: i03403Click Here Previous Next The Herald Automatic i00403 by Ingersoll History of Ingersoll Before we get on to our review of The Herald Automatic a little history on the American brand. Based in New York brothers Robert and Charles founded the Ingersoll watch Company in 1892. Pioneers of their era they went […]

Giri Ventiquattro Watch By Maals

Giri Ventiquattro White 1

Giri Ventiquattroby MAALSAccedere Previous Next Giri Ventiquattro By MAALS Inspiration Introducing the Girl Ventiquattro a watch so distinguishable from the rest of the market it can only be a MAALS. I met Mark and Andy Sealey the creators of MAALS watches last November at the inaugural WatchIt! The one day event to provided a chance for […]

Spinnaker Boettgger LE SP-5083-33 Review

Spinnaker Boettgger LE SP-5083-33 resting on side

Spinnaker BoettggerRef: SP-5083-33Click Here Previous Next Spinnaker Boettgger LE SP-5083-33 Inspiration Behind Boettgger LE Today’s review timepiece is the Spinnaker Boettgger LE (Limited Edition). Inspiration comes from a combination of watches released by Rolex and Tudor. Again, Spinnaker have their own twist on Boettgger LE which separates it from the watches that inspired it. Named […]

Amazing Diver Bill Watch by The 220 Watch Company

Diver Bill Watch 5

Spinnaker Boettgger LE SP-5083-33 Review Previous Next Diver Bill by The 220 Watch Company Why is the watch called Diver Bill On the grave stone of William Walker it reads: William Walker M.V.O 1869 -1918 The diver who with his own hands saved Winchester Cathedral William Walker was known as ‘Diver Bill’. The undertaking he […]

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084-11

Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084-11 Featured Image

Spinnaker Tesei TitaniumRef: SP-5084-11Click Here Previous Next Spinnaker Tesei Titanium SP-5084-11 Inspiration Behind Tesei Titanium Here today for review is the Spinnaker Tesei Titanium reference SP-5084-11. A stunning timepiece but is a little expensive at its MSRP, but we’ll get to that later on. Firstly the Spinnaker Tesei Titanium is a well built sturdy timepiece […]