R.J. Mitchell by The 220 Watch Company

R.J. Mitchell by The 220 Watch Company reviewed at Watch Junky

Warning to all who is thinking of purchasing from The 220 Watch Company or it’s owner Jared Steadman. It’s now widely know that Jared has not delivered this watch (RJ Mitchell) or the Diver Bill. Additional question have also arisen about Jared’s lifestyle as he has bought a motorcycle and a boat while struggling with […]

Spinnaker Hydrofoil Chronograph SP-5086-11

Spinnaker Hydrofoil

Hydrofoil ChronographBy SpinnakerClick Here Previous Next Spinnaker Hydrofoil Chronograph SP-5086-11 Inspiration Spinnaker has put out a lot of excellent watches, and the Hydrofoil Chronograph SP-5086-11 is another good looking watch. The Rolex Daytona has inspired this watch, and like all Spinnaker watches, they have put their stamp on the timepiece not to make a direct […]

The All-New Levante by Viqueria Watches

Levante by Viqueria Watches - Watch Junky

All-New LevanteViqueria WatchesClick here The Levante by Viqueria Watches Made in Italy It is a common belief that anything designed and manufactured in Italy has a special character and a distinct style whatsoever. Well, the latest timepiece coming to us from the Italian North could not have been an exception to this belief! The Levante, a product […]

Seagull 1963 D304 Air Force Chronograph Watch

Seagull 1963 D304Click HereClick Here Previous Next Seagull 1963 D304 Air Force Chronograph Watch Backgound In the 1960s, Chinese watches were imported from Switzerlandorthe Soviet UnionandChina’sMinistry of Light Industry launched an initiative to develop and produce timepieces in the People’sRepublic. Given the code number 304, the project set out to make a new chronograph wristwatch […]

Spinnaker Fluess Chronograph SP-5085-01

Spinnaker Fluess Chronograph SP-5085-01

Spinnaker Fluess ChronoRef: SP-5085-01Click HereDiscount Code:ALANG28BuySwiss Super Luminova Previous Next Spinnaker Fluess Chronograph SP-5085-01 Start A Journey Firstly I would like to welcome you to Watch Junky Reviews. I’ve been a little nervous preparing this review as it’s the first review on the website and sets the tone for rest. However, when we’re passionate about […]